Birds of South-Africa

Birds of South-Africa
Medium : Graphite, charcoal and soft pastel on 140gms mixed media paper
Size : 42 x 30 cm sealed and Unframed
R 650-00 including postage /courier

Hello everyone 😊 so I sat down to work on my owl last night and lost myself in the process. 🙃✨🦉 When I was done with his beautiful feathers, I then proceeded to add some important details to his eyes. As an artist, the most important thing to me when I’m working on animals or humans, is the eyes. Behind them the deepest part of our being is visible. Our soul. To me that was the first thing I concentrated on learning when I started. From body movements to body language, humans have different ways of expressing themselves. With animals the honesty of their being is visible in their eyes. The mystery if God’s beautiful creation.

Mothers Arise

Mothers Arise!

After the pause
Mixed Media – Art journal entry. This practice piece is the first of many. My journey to where I am today has been rough from the start. God’s love has been the turning point where I started to discover what happens after the “pause”. My goal with the new project “Mothers Arise” is to emphasize women empowerment, to place the spotlight on true herions, women of virtue, women who have fought wars, walked through fire, fell and got back up again. Women who even after all the scars still managed to hold on to beauty, forgiveness and who didn’t let their circumstances change who they truly are.
Rise up Mothers
Rise up wives
Rise up
Stand up
Stand in.

Speak up
Speak out
Your time has come to rise.

Mother arise
Rise up
Stand up
Stand in
©Bernadette Jean Barnardt


Finch in watercolor and white acrylic on 200gsm fabriano cold pressed paper.

My eldest daughter has always been the first to stand if you take a photo, she loves taking creative photographs and I always thought she has a natural talent and feel for it. She got a camera yesterday and took her first photo. I got her permission to use it and this little finch is what transpired out of it. #proudmomma!!

Just another walk with Thee

Al though my path at times is dark,
Even when troubled waters surround me,
Your presence is a certainty,
I never walk alone,
Peace embraces me,
As moonlight lights my path.

Just another walk with Thee

Acrylic on canvas 60 x 91 cm

Available R 1250-00

Just another walk with Thee

Engelkind (angel child)

Engelkind. (angel child)

Minimalist drawing, art journal entry.  Practicing the frase “less is more” was a wonderful way to release some tension and connect with the deep part of my love for my second born.  The fighter, My warrior.
I used a 2h, 4b, 6b and 8b pencil. I used charcoal powder for the shadows and charcoal pencil for the iris.  Using line and shadows to capture the essence of her deep, caring, strong emotional nature. 

The lion of Judah

A commissioned artwork in graphite, charcoal and soft pastel done on 200gsm smooth grain drawing cartdrigde paper. It measures 42 x 30 cm and is sealed with a fixative spray. I enjoyed doing this one connecting with the artwork in a spiritual light. I am reminded how David sang God’s praise In psalm 23. God is our Sheppard we shall not want, He lays us down in green pastures. As we go through this trial of job hunting, praying for a break through this commissioned artwork really got me to just stop and be thankful for the blessings we have. Even though I might get weary and tired God lays me down to rest as He is in control.

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