Watercolor vintage cards series

I have been working on a series of watercolor flowers and have completed three so far. Time, patience and a love for nature is what kept me going even though I have to admit, I got bored half way through. The poppy is my favorite flower and looks beautiful against the background. The daffodil’s softness reminds me of how precious life is. Pansies are such pretty flowers and as a child I always use to think it had a little face. Last but not least, is the petunias. Aren’t they just adorable!? My aunt always told me that they are the fairies trumpets. I’d love to hear from you and during these trying times I believe we should look to nature for inspiration and a reminder that life is still a gift, no matter what we face.

Watercolor vintage cards series

“Star Chaser”

Hello everyone, so as you know I have been busy with the watercolor vintage cards series for a commission and I wanted to practice my drawing skills in between. This is what I started yesterday, it’s a drawing of my eldest daughter. I’m finding some challenges but overall I am really excited about this. I have something special in mind and need to be able to portray the emotion and strength in her beautiful face. The title “star chaser” is my view of her resilience, strength and ability to adapt and overcome. She is the perfect example of what a woman should be, gentle and kind yet strong and fierce.

Star Chaser

Art Journal entry – Eyes

They say that which Stirs you on the inside is what you should pursue, lately I have been digging deeper inside myself. I am a very deep, emotional, complex person. Nature, animals, human nature, human spirit and some other stuff really matters to me. I found that deep expressive art moves me. A you tube video of an artist called David Desjardins confirmed this. His work, the way he connects his emotions with his work, the way he does his art, it just helped something click. I then took my art journal and started to practice to draw emotions, wisdom, uniqueness and male or female in the eyes. When I am done and as i go, I will keep posting and updating on my progress on my self discovery through my art.

Beton Skadu’s

Beton skadu’s

Ek verlang na ñ plek wat ek nie ken nie,
Wil terug na ñ huis waar ek nog nie was nie,
My brein hol rond terwyl my bene
Lam lê en kou aan voetpaadjies,
Waar ek en hy kon draf,

Alles binne my hart is af maar die geraas
Van stad’s geheue
Grou in slote
Lankal verbode

Verblindende oggend kleur
Laat my hart roep na verf op my lap
Geen rym
Geen rede, stol wanneer duiwe se koer-koer
Jou maak verlang na sorgvrye sondae

Verlang na ñ plek waar ek nog nie was nie,
Is homesick vir ñ ouer huis wat nie bestaan nie,
Maak die stad stil
Gevoelose oë laat my met hoendervel ril

Maak asseblief die stad still
Lam l ê ek en kou aan voetpaadjies
Vol skewe draaie
Niks maak meer sin
Hemelse rus roep hier binne

Ek verlang
Ek hunker,  na wilger takke
Rustige water,

Ek verlang na ñ plek
Waar ek nog nie w a s nie

©Bernadette Jean Barnardt

Photo found on the internet

Transition – is this me?

Expressive art

Medium: Charcoal and pastel on 200gsm smooth grain drawing cartdrigde.

Size: 42 x 30 cm Unframed

*not for sale*

Weightloss transformation is a frase some of us are familiar with. As women (even men) we are constantly looking for ways to improve our outward appearance, loose weight and stay healthy. Then we look inside ourselves and we know that we lack in areas that we sometimes keep to ourselves and most of the time we push it back down. The artworks relating to the subject, is a gift for someone very close to me. Someone who was always told she will never be “skinny”. Never was she able to wear a crop top, a sports bra… Never felt comfortable enough to wear skin hugging dresses.. When other teenage girls spend mornings fighting with mom about revealing clothes, she was wearing pants suites, formal, floral baggy clothes. As she was lead to believe those where the only type of clothes she could wear.

I saw her transform her body into what she has always dreamed about. Saw a light go on inside herself that touched me more than I dared admit. She is my younger sibling, my friend and I was touched in a way that gave me a certain type of respect for her strength, endurance and her ability to put mind over matter. This wasn’t just about loosing 20 kg’s. It was more than that, she was shedding a shell that she wore for most of her life. The same thing transpired within my eldest daughter, the same resilience, strength and endurance pushed her to transform herself. I am extremely proud of both of them. But even more touched that both of them helped me believe in my own abilities as a woman. We do not have to be filled with the lies of society, the ugly “truths”, the clichés. We may not be perfect but we can strive to be the best version of ourselves every day. We can step out of the dark abyss into the light and embrace being feminine, beautiful and unique in our own way.

Lockdown tribute

I wonder Lord

When You created her,
What amount of tenderness it took,
How many soft spoken tears,

I wonder Lord,
What went through Your mind,
As You shaped and molded such a selfless,
giving, tender-loving, creature,

What words did You whisper as You breathed life into her,

I wonder Lord

I wonder.

Lockdown tribute to mothers all over the world on mothers day.
Medium :  Graphite, pastel and charcoal on 200gsm fabriano cold pressed paper
Size : 42 x 30 cm
Unframed also available framed or mounted.

Art by Bernadette Jean



You want me to paint flowers
You need me to be okay
Quiet down
hide all the things we need to say

Grabbing another shot of a forced 

Breath as my heart spills over
Drained from pushing everyone away
Tired of fighting
Loneliness calls my shadow
Together we go in hiding

Grabbing another shot of a forced 

You need me to write about smiles
Ain’t no more tears to cry
Or so you say

You want me to paint flowers
You need me to be okay
Quiet down
hide all the things we need to say

Grabbing another shot of a forced 

You need me to paint about happy days
No Need here
Everything is okay.

Or so you say…

Grabbing another shot of a forced 

You need me to paint about happy days
No Need here
Everything is okay

©Bernadette Jean Barnardt
20 February 2020

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